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How to Fix YouTube Playback Error



How to Fix YouTube Playback Error

YouTube is one of the most popular video-sharing platforms and has more than 1.9 billion users all over the world. But YouTube is not free from flaws; viewers face several types of problems like audio problem and video quality issues.

There are many other types of errors that most people face. 

Robert Olsen (YouTube user) shared his experience:

“He was watching videos related to direct lender uk reviews before purchasing a finance product. Suddenly, the screen pops up with error messages which are known as YouTube playback error message. And after that, he was not able to fix it because of a lack of technical knowledge.”

Among many other problems, YouTube playback error message is common that most of the people face.

And it is very annoying to watch these error messages while watching the videos. It should be fixing as soon as possible.

You do not have to be a tech genius; you can easily remove the error with specific methods. We have mentioned some top ways.

Let see them now.

You can solve the problem only when you know the reason behind the error. However, there is no specific reason; it can happen due to multiple reasons such as:

Wi-Fi network is not strong: Many times the network is not that strong so that it could not be able to load the video. It can happen in the case of mobile data. But it only occurs when you are in inadequate network coverage.

Not sufficient storage: YouTube videos save some cache that is generally used for better services. But it requires some spaces; if your device does not have enough storage, then the message may appear.

Due to plugins: If you are using YouTube from the browser, then you must have downloaded the plugins that are not compatible.

Now, let’s see the ways to solve it. You can easily follow the steps, and you will see how easy it is to fix the error.


Each technique will hardly take a few minutes so you can again enjoy the videos and your favourite shows. 

Method #1: Log out from the registered Google account       

This solution is the primary step with the highest probability. All you have to sing out from YouTube and do sign in after a few minutes. You can log in with another account and wait for a few seconds. 

It works for most of the users, and we hope it works for you too. If not, then move to the next method. 

Method #2: Reboot the device                         

The rebooting device has many benefits. Many experts say that rebooting can remove hidden virus and bugs that can slow down your device. So, close the YouTube application and reboot the device. It will take a few minutes from ten to fifteen, but you do not have to worry.          

Once reboot completed, login to the YouTube channel and watch this trick works or not. 

Method #3: Clearing the history or browsing 

Many times users forget to clear their history and cache that is one among many reasons to pop up the error message. 

Now, you can search the history options, it is available at the side of the screen (if you are using the desktop) and in case of Smart Phones you can find where you have signed in. Now, select the “ALL” option to delete the entire history. It will remove many bugs and unnecessary data. 

Method #4: Change Domain Name Service

It is related to internet connectivity. All you have to do specific changes in Domain Name Service (DNS). And these settings are controlled by the INS router. Though, here, you have to find out the model of your router because it DNS changes from one router to another. 

Method #5: Update the application 

It is one of the primary methods but overlooks by the users. Sometimes YouTube brings changes and introduces a new function to improve the service. It is also used to remove any virus. So, you can update your application OR for an update you can check Google Play Store and if it shows any update, then go for it. 

These are the methods that can help you get rid of these error messages. You do not have to perform everyone. Just try and find the one that works. 

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