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Exclusive Tips for Buying a House in Summer

Tips for Buying a House in the UK


Exclusive Tips for Buying a House in Summer

Despite the usual preference to buy a home during springtime, summers see a good number of property transactions. Some call it a preparation for winters, while some find it the best time to earn the calmness of their roof in scorching summers. On the other hand, sometimes price factor too makes people buy property in summers. You may get home at a considerably low price.

For those who have any confusion on the home buying in summers can easily reach to a final decision with the following tips.

Know about locality friendly for home buying during summertime

Not every location in the UK prefers to sell homes during the sunny season. You need first to know and confirm the areas that are ready to sell the property.

To give you some idea there are some places in the UK, perfect for home buying during the season –

  • Newcastle
  • Liverpool
  • Hull
  • Bristol
  • Coventry
  • Gloucestershire
  • Derby etc. are some of the places where the home buying blooms in summers.

Doing homework on this part saves a lot of time and prevents the wastage of energy and resources that you invest.

Take benefit of pleasant weather to cover viewing of more and more houses

During the warmest season of the year, you are not overburdened with heavy overcoats, woollens etc. The brown leaves and leftover snow of early spring may not give you that clean look of a property. Many homeowners specifically wait for summers.

Bright green leaves, flourishing flowers, shining sunlight makes a home look fabulous. You can cover more miles of property viewing than any other weather. Every weekend it is possible to visit many places and see the localities in the proper light.

Plan things during the summery school holidays of children

The holiday time for your kid is the duration of relief. If you finalise a property, the rest of the formalities are more comfortable to do. More time is available, which can be beneficial for those who have a low credit score and are looking for a mortgage with poor credit rating.  That includes many types of challenges and time-consuming procedures.

It is excellent that you are not busy with the school-to-home routine of your child. It can be more fun to take your little humans to the varied places for viewing. After all, children too need to see if they are comfortable with the new space or not. You really cannot give a final ‘yes’ to the seller without asking these tiny yet unpredictable minds. Their one smile can provide you with the hint and say ‘this one is The Best to be our roof’.

Different places have a different schedules for construction by council

The government in the UK plans construction projects at various times of the year. During summertime too, such things take place. Before you visit the properties, select the locations that have no large-scale construction plans. You do not want to face the obstacles or return without viewing the house due to some ‘work in progress’ board.

Check the map of the city from the website of the council. Know on what locations the planning permission has been granted. However, in localities where construction is due, but nothing has started yet, are excellent for a visit. But the areas where the construction work is going on should be avoided to prevent any chaos and stress.

Check the strength of Existing and Under construction houses

Not every time you get to see the newly constructed homes, also not every time you get to see the existing buildings. During summers, the construction work of properties, even the sale of the built homes takes speed in certain areas. You may need to visit both the types and the structure of the house, whether old or the new (under construction) should be appropriately checked without delay.

Here is a comparison on how to check the existing building as well as the one is under construction.

Already constructed homeUnder construction home
· Check the physical life of the home· Take the help of an experienced engineer
· Go for the depreciation test· Check the concrete mix
· Ask questions about the maintenance work· Get the thickness of the wall measured

If taking under construction stay uncompromised on delivery date

Mostly the properties in development become the reason for chaos due to delay in the delivery date. The builders commit for some other date, and when the time comes, they put a list of excuses in front of you.

It is essential to confirm the legal importance of the deadline commitment made by the builder. Any agreement, contract etc. should be there that ties the developer to his words. The safer you play, the better comes the outcome.

Concrete conclusion is

You have to be simple, clear and smart in whatever you do. Every country or place has its trends in the property market in every season. You need to stay familiar with all the necessary elements that are mentioned above. Follow them and get closer to your dream home this summerJ. ALL THE BEST!

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