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Romantic Ideas for Newly Married Couples to do Together

The strength of your marriage depends on the things you do with your spouse. Instead of living in fear that you will lose the spark of your marriage, think of ways to spice things up with your partner. To make things more exciting, several romantic ideas can be adopted to try new things with your partner. It is easy to think of ideas, but it requires enthusiasm to implement the same ideas into action. Most often couples engage in their old date night routines or go to their favourite restaurant for a dinner date, where they have been going for a while. As romantic as it may seem, sometimes it is more exciting to try out something new. This gives the couple a sense that they are doing something new.

Newly Married Couples

The relationships that become obsolete are usually the ones that are lacking love and affection. Letting your spouse know that you would still chase them will automatically increase the affection and strengthen your relationship with them. There is no guide as to how you can make your partner happy but focus on their likes and interests. This will allow you to get the most appropriate ideas to spice up your married life. Here are some ideas that help you kickstart your brainstorming session.

1. Cook with and for each other: This is one of the most intimate acts you can do with your partner. Cooking with each other is always a fun idea as you learn how to cook certain dishes and spend quality time with your partner. Cooking for each other is also a romantic gesture that brings two people together.

2. Wedding tattoos for couples: Getting matching today is a very overrated idea but it is evergreen. Wedding venues in Gurgaon Newly married couples get matching tattoos that signify something meaningful about their relationship. There are tattoo ideas where couples can get tattoos that complement each other. It is going to be a sign of love that will exist forever.

3. Plan staycations: Life can get overwhelming post-wedding with all the hustle and bustle around. Some newly married couples end up living in a nuclear family setup, with other family members around. This is when planning a staycation can be a great idea to rekindle the fire of your relationship. Go for a night stay at a beautiful property or book a resort to spend some alone time together. Spending quality time together is always a good idea.

4. Plan adventurous activities: Another way to bond with your partner is by doing something spontaneous or adventurous together. If you are both adrenaline junkies, then going on an adventurous trip is always a great idea. Whether it is a hiking, river rafting, paragliding, or even skiing, these trips can make you both feel secure with each other and add a fun element to the relationship.

5. Do things for each other: Materialistic gifts are cute, and they can be special if given with the right intention. However, nothing beats handmade gifts and letters. Writing a letter for your partner out of the blue, expressing your feelings is a beautiful way to make them feel special. Making a handmade card, writing letters, leaving notes, or doing things to cheer each other up, these ideas will always hold more meaning than materialistic gifts.

6. Have a Friday/Saturday night in: As much fun as it is to go out on the weekend, sometimes it is more precious to stay back at home and plan a cosy evening. You and your partner can plan a movie night and cook dinner together. You can play board games together, read books, watch a series on Netflix, etc. This way it is easier to get to know each other and each other’s interests.

7. Talk about your future: If there is one thing that you and your partner have in common, it is to move towards the same future together. Talk about your dream house and sketch your ideal house together. Talk about your dream career and plan when you want to have babies. These conversations will bring you both closer to each other as they will enable the couple to be on the same page.

8. Help each other grow mentally and physically: Some couples do not prioritize each other’s well-being and are more distracted with other things. Creating a routine together where you take out time to meditate, exercise, play sports, and practice mindfulness can help you both grow together. Doing things together is a great way to hold each other accountable and this can be more encouraging for you both to work on yourself.

9. Including your family members in your outings: Sometimes to add some change to your love life, you and your partner can plan an outing with other family members. Spending time with family keeps you grounded and gives you a better outlook on life. This way you will cherish being alone together and look forward to spending more quality time together.

10 Create a routine: Setting days to certain tasks and going through a digital detox are two very beneficial aspects. For example, setting curfews such as not using your phone after a point at night or setting days to discuss certain things can help you create a healthy routine for you and your partner.

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