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How to Start Planning a Wedding on a Budget | FNP Venues

 Planning a wedding is like planning the biggest party you have ever hosted. Figuring out your wedding finances is not easy. To figure out your finances and how you will create a budget for your wedding, you must tally up your savings and make a list of things that you need to plan. At the same time, it is crucial to understand where to cut down your budget and avoid spending on unnecessary things. All the family members have different responsibilities, which means it is easier to plan the budget with everyone being a part of the discussion. As long as everyone is on the same page, it will be easy to make meaningful cuts and plan a beautiful wedding. 

Start Planning a Wedding on a Budget

There are several ways to understand how to plan a wedding under budget. Here are some ideas on how you can make financial cuts and rather spend on more important things. There is no need to compromise on the things you dreamed about but there are ways to stay within your budget limit. One of the best ways to plan a reasonable budget is to break down costs and understand where the money should go. Your special day should not have to be a financial struggle for you. 

- Host your pre-wedding functions and rituals at home

Usually, Tall the pre-wedding functions and rituals are intimate. You don’t have to go overboard and make it more extravagant. The moment you go overboard with such rituals, you also tend to go over budget. The best advice is to host these functions at home, where you can keep an intimate affair with your close friends and relatives. You can additionally seek assistance from your family and friends with the décor and catering bit. 

- Choose venues reasonably 

Your venue is one of the most important aspects of your wedding as it speaks volumes about who you are as a couple. The clever thing to do is to find venues that are not very expensive but have all the amenities that you are looking for. Certain venues in Chattarpur farms or North Delhi offer facilities that are reasonably priced. These venues are perfect to host beautiful functions. One piece of advice would be to club certain functions together, such as the wedding and the reception so save venue costs. 

Wedding on a Budget

- Hire a wedding planner

Most often the couples are lost when they must start planning their wedding. This is where the smarter option is to hire a wedding planner. Wedding planners are experienced and are familiar with all sorts of vendors. If they know what your budget is, they will be able to advise you better on how to stay under budget. Many wedding companies in India, such as Wedding Sutra or FNP Venues, offer services from a range of vendors that can help you stay within your budget. 

- Create a wedding website

It is always fun to create wedding stationery and invitation cards to create the wedding hype. Since we know that there are several functions to cover at the wedding, it means that there will be information overload for all the guests. A sensible way of keeping everyone updated is by creating a wedding website. The website contains all the information regarding every function that will be hosted. From maps, directions, accommodation to the detailed itinerary of the wedding, the guests can find all the information on one platform. Several resources can be helpful to create a website. The best part about this idea is that it will be all free of cost. You can delegate this task to a family member, and they can help you out with it. This way you will be saving a lot of money and not spending unnecessarily on wedding stationery. 



Wedding on a Budget

- Off-season festivities 

Consider the season you are getting married in, this will help you save up on a lot of costs. Even when it comes to the flowers that you are using for your wedding, it is essential to consider local vendors for floral décor rather than transporting flowers from other cities. Similarly, some wedding venues increase their rates during the wedding season. Hence, it makes more sense to choose venues offseason, so they are available at a more reasonable rate. Buying lehengas off-season is also a clever idea as most designers hike up their rates when the wedding season is around the corner. 

- Set priorities 

Setting priorities is important as it allows you to prioritize your budget and use it on more important things. Prioritizing your guest list is also important. It is not all that essential to call 500-700 guests at a wedding when most of them will be there just for the food and drinks. Focusing on quality rather than quantity will enable you to have a more meaningful wedding. This way you will be able to distribute your budget over the things that matter the most. 

- Plan your décor sensibly and responsibly

Planning your décor is an essential part of a wedding and it consumes your budget majorly. Having a big budget for the décor does not mean that you spend all of it on making things lavish. We always believe in less is more. Keeping things minimal can be a great way to make your wedding an elegant affair. Choosing venues based on the décor they offer can come in handy. If you select a venue that is already decorated and has beautiful backdrops, you will automatically save up on creating a beautiful backdrop. Focusing on smaller details is essential as it will help you save up on a lot of unnecessary décor items. 

Considering all these points in your wedding planning meetings, you can save up and spend your budget on wiser aspects. Not all wedding elements have to be extravagant. Some planners can help you understand where to put your finances and how you can plan a wedding on a budget. At the end of the day, it is all about having a gala time and remembering the special moments. Budgeting is fun, as long as you don’t compromise on your dream wedding. 

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