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Are You a College Student Who Covets for a Car? Here We Are!

 Every individual wish to have a car, which is likely supposed to be inspired by the comforts and luxury it brings in his life. Cars are similarly essential for us as other accommodations we tend to use on our daily basis. That is why people of all age demands a four-wheeler in their lives.

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Many people who have to go to work and spend a great deal of their time in cars mostly prefer to own a car for themselves. They find themselves succour into its usage and feel empty without it. We can see the obsession and craze for it among the younger generation.

The youth's inclination towards the car is increasing rapidly as today's life is entirely related to luxury and comfort with no physical work and fashion and keeping standards high in society. 

When a youngster in the college sees the modifications of life and wants to engage himself in this position for a complete change in his life, he sees that cars' use makes the people like him have more swag, stylish, and luxurious lives that everyone wishes for.

The car's role is as general and useful in a youngster's life as it means a lot in attaining all aspirations of his life. Through this blog, I will be considering the relevance of a car in a college-going student's life along with its few disadvantages and the solution to own it without any hassles. 

Manipulating the youth’s mind

  • The obsession for cars among youth, especially teenagers, is getting its position on high. There are no many benefits for them to get from it, but they see it as a symbol of gaining independence. This makes their parents fall in for their concern and hope for their security.
  • Although legally, a teenager doesn't need to bring cars on the roads until they get a driving license and get a full right to drive on the road. Teenagers do not want to use public transport when they see people of their age drive their cars in a full range of speed.
  • However, we see that people below the age of 25 who go to college need cars to fulfil various prospects of late student life. People at this age are becoming mature and thinking of the differences between wrong and right. 
  • The manipulation of cars over the mind of youth impacts another level. In turn, the person with bona fide conscience can utilize its proper way of working in personal life.  

Useful in youth’s life

  • Like the rest of the things that are useful in many ways, Cars work in the same direction and become a part of the fabric of students' lives. But its flexibility and optimum utilization entirely depend upon its user.
  • For instance, if a person likes to move out every night for a long drive with friends and spend nights with them and wasting his time studying and spending several hours in mental practices. His uses of cars are bringing vainness. 
  • On the other hand, he uses his car to help his physical impairments and other students' needy practices. He does so with a sustainable mindset of using it in the right way of collecting notes in bulk for others, reaching college on time and regularly visiting back to his parents.
  • Then he is using his car in a better way to keep its relevance in his life. Purchasing cars is not an investment, but it bears depreciation costs and stays as a liability in our lives. However, a formulated use can turn this liability into a needed asset.

Reasons for having a car

The reasons why youth must have a car can be developed from the living standards of today's point of view. As a college student, a person should now use a car in his life and complying with its features. 
There are the reasons why you need a car:

You can switch the time

  • College students are often get juggled with the shifts of classes, work, and their social and personal lives, but time runs for all with the same speed. It has no stoppage or a warning sign. You must need to schedule your timings according to the transportation schedules and school seminars. 
  • Owning a car can ease tickling the schedules with proper management as per your will and modifications. You can make a trip to farther points or get a thing from a nearby store; everything becomes possible with a car.
  • A car reduces the time with increasing speed, and you can reach a distant place within a couple of minutes and hours while sitting inside and with no touch of outside air. The way you sit with the dress up after reaching the destination will have the same appearance even after several hours of journey.

Voids the use of changing transport

Whenever you ask a student with no car and commute on public transport, he can tell you what struggle he is going through. College students have to make time schedules according to the buses and trains available on the stops and platforms.
Either you have to wait for a long or spend much time waiting for other passengers who allow the train to reach its destination. When you are in a car, you do not have to wait in the long queue for tickets, waiting at the platforms and offer your seat to anyone.

Freedom of personal space

In sharing or public transports, you are likely to offer your seat to physically challenged, senior citizens, and ladies. Whereas while sitting in your car, you are free to move your vehicle in any direction and shift to a place where you find the peace that helps you concentrate on your studies.
Financial means
Any student can now change their lives by having a new car at the doorstep by only applying 100% guaranteed car finance and that car finance come from direct lenders in the UK.


It is advised to all the students to own a car while attending college makes sense for them. Though some little choices of life and desires can also be attained with minimum considerations is required from you so that car would play its crucial role in your development not in cutting you. 

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