Whether it’s you want to take learn your favourite musical instruments or watch the trailer of the latest movie, YouTube is most probably the first choice for the majority of internet users.  Within its launch, it has become the most popular video-sharing platform in the world that has been widely used over billions of people from all corners of the world.

Generally, people prefer to just stream the videos available on the YouTube irrespective of their place and time. But, you need an internet connection for online streaming of the videos. And, sometimes it can difficult to get Internet connectivity, especially, when you are in the subway or a place where there is no network coverage and using your phone to use YouTube.

YouTube Video

YouTube downloading features

 Consider this fact, YouTube does provide a feature where the users can easily download the videos where it is saved on the application of the phone. However, this is not available for every video available on this platform. Yet, there are certain ways that the users can follow to download the videos. Here are those ways: 

How to download YouTube Videos on Android Phones  

When it comes to the operating system in smartphones, Android is undoubtedly the most popular among others available in the market. Now, if you are an Android user, then you would know that there is already a preinstalled YouTube App available on the device.

Now, accessing YouTube becomes difficult where there is weak accessibility of the internet. But, you can download YouTube videos earlier and play it later. There are basically two ways to download videos on the phone either via online conversion or via using an app on your phone. Now let us see one by one: 

Via online conversion:
  • Open the YouTube App from your phone  
  • Choose the video that you want to download 
  • Now, open an online YouTube Video converter site where you can download videos
  • Copy the URL of the video that you want to download 
  • After that, paste the URL and select the video format you want
  • Select the location of the phone where you want to download 
  • Finally, save the video after the completion of the video
Via Mobile App

There are plenty of applications available for the Android devices where you can directly download YouTube videos on your phone. Here is the list of some of the most popular apps that you can go with:
  • TubeMate                   
  • keepVid
  • NewPie
  • Tube Video Downloader 
  • Snap Tube 

How to download YouTube videos on iPhone devices 

Now, downloading YouTube videos on the iPhone is also quite easy. You just need to find the right ways that can help you with in this task.  Here are the appropriate ways that you can go with: 

Go with the YouTube premium 

The first thing that you can do is go with YouTube Premium that enables the users to download all the videos available on YouTube. The amount of premium subscription is £11.99 monthly. There are numerous benefits of going with premium, such as: 
  • Free from those incessant ads
  • Option to download the videos both online and offline 
  • Access of music premium too
  • Audio mode available 
  • Access to the original content of YouTube 
So, going with a premium subscription can be better in numerous ways. You don’t have to search for any link or app to convert the video. You can go with the annual subscription by using your credit card for payment.

But, if you are struggling financially and don’t have enough credit rating, then you can approach a direct lender and get up to £1000 loan even with bad credit and no guarantor. So, this makes it easy to get the funds without any inconvenience.

With a third-party app

Now, there is an option of downloading the videos directly on your phone with the help of apps, both free and paid. Plenty of downloaders and video converters are there that you can use for this task. 
  • Just enter the video on the search box of the app
  • Choose the result that you want to download 
  • Select the format of the video 
  • Finally, the video will be converted
Go with the screen recorder option

The iPhones come with the feature of screen recording where you can save the videos and this is free. Here are the ways that you have to follow to do this:
  • Open YouTube and choose the video
  • Choose the landscape mode in the phone 
  • Now, go to the control centre and tap into the “Record” button 
  • The video playing on the phone will be stored in your camera roll 
Wrapping up, these were the step by step guide that you can download YouTube videos on your phone directly. 

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