The UK travels many miles every day, and for that, it needs a companion that can make its journey convenient. The 2006 born Cross Country Trains is one of the train operating companies of the UK. It operates long-distance and intercity trains across the country.

Cross Country Trains

Efforts of company to satisfy passengers

With the sole aim to provide uncompromised services, the company offers every facility. Here is a list that you will get while travelling in care of Cross Country Trains.
  • Introduction of at-seat catering which reflects customer preferences
  • First Class accommodation on all trains, the ex-Central Trains service is also included in this
  • Wi-Fi access for all seats
  • Improved mobile phone reception 
  • hot plated food for first-class passengers
  • more accessible and visible staff 
The above things are not restricted to act monotonous. They are sure to enhance in the coming months and years.

Best ticketing and information arrangements

This is obviously important to help more and more people board the train. The attempts are to make the ‘already brilliant’ service even better. Internet is in use to make things more efficient and convenient for travellers. 
  • mobile phone ticketing as well as print at home
  • better information on stations
  • £1 million investment to buy more ticket machines
  • information screens at key stations
  • information campaign on alternative locations
  • easy to use service
  • personalised journey information as well as text updates on the itinerary
  • additional staff to provide help
From start to the current times, the company has achieved a lot on this aspect. This reflects in the satisfaction of the passengers. They trust and depend a lot on the service and find it as the lifeline of daily life. 

 Full attention to security 

The daily transportation is undoubtedly a big responsibility, and no loophole can be left unnoticed. The security of the passengers is the prime concern for the company, and it gives its complete efforts for that. Below are the steps that the company takes for security. 
  • Launch of the new ‘Secure Trains Scheme’. The purpose is to make the passenger feel secure about on-board security. 
  • Working jointly with industry partners for Secure Station Accreditation across key calling points
  • Employing additional security staff
The attempt for security is going to be stronger, and from first aid service to luggage security, everything is perfect. It gives the feel of ultimate safety. A feel that a jobless person gets after getting emergency money for unemployed

Environmental concerns do not remain unnoticed

The company is attentively aware of the environmental issues and works for its betterment in the following ways. However, the company is not going to stop on these aspects only and will keep working on the related issues. 
  • environment-friendly ways of working
  • cooperation with industry to develop and invent alternative fuels
  • encouraging modal shift to rail with more trains and more seats
  • efforts to reduce on-board waste and increased practice of recycling
A limit is also there on the use of plastic to bring good practices in the industry. The reusable material has come in use, and the company wants to extend such efforts in every sort of service it provides. The increasing issues of air pollution are getting proper treatment in the company. It is contributing companies to work on the fuel alternatives that are environment-friendly. After the security of the passengers, it is the prime concern of Cross Country Trains. 

The locations where the company serves

There are certain stations through which the company serves the cross country train services. You can go to the following areas to catch the trains to different destinations. 
  • Birmingham
  • Leeds
  • Edinburgh
  • Bristol
  • Manchester
  • Cardiff
  • Newcastle
  • Reading

Passenger paradise on wheel

The above locations can be explored well as a huge part is covered. Every year, a big number of people come to see the corners of the UK. Thanks to the services of Cross Country Trains that give access to even the unseen parts of the country. The Government of the country accepts the services of the company as an important factor in inspiring tourism. The expectations are high, but the efforts on the other side are also not weak. There is a timeless attention on every aspect, and the things are sure to become better in the coming years too. 

The more is less! Yes, the contribution of the Cross Country Train is awesome, and one can feel it through experience only. 

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