The biggest reason for weak financial stability is anxiety, stress, and breakdown. And many people make mistakes even while taking small decision. There may be several reasons such as lack of knowledge, not focused and many more.

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It does not matter what is the reason. Eventually, you have to face some negative consequences. But no one wants to live a stressful life when you have solutions. If you are serious to improve your financial condition, then “THE LATTE FACTOR” can help you.

You may hear the latte several times but adding word ‘factor’ may confuse you. Right? 

It is surprising that there is no relation between a coffee and your financial situation. But here LATTE has taken as a reference. Ok, let’s understand this in simple words.

The concept is very straightforward. The latte factor represents that the small amount of money you spend regularly can cost you more than you can imagine.

For instance, you spend £5 every week (£20/month) on some expensive coffee. It means you can save a large amount of money every month if you replace that “expensive” coffee with some less costly latte. This is what the latte factor says.

What you spend and where you spend represents what type of person you are. If you are doing some unnecessary purchasing and often eat outside the house, then you are not going to live a financially stable life.


You can easily overcome your bad spending habits. All you need perseverance and constant efforts. We have shared some best ways from the latte aspect that can definitely help you to win the financial life. 

Let’s have a look at them...

Try to save money everywhere 

Nowadays, you can save a large amount on:
  • Shopping 
  • Eating at restaurant 
  • Purchasing household stuff and many more 
All it needs awareness where you can save money and what kind of offers are running. You can get the benefit you purchase things online. They provide cashback and discounts too. In this way, you can keep a good amount of money every month. 

Avoid unnecessary purchasing 

Sometimes you buy things emotionally that leads you to do unnecessary purchasing. Suppose you saw a necklace that reminds you of your wife and without any second thought you bought that. But it may happen that she is not interested to wear such expensive products. 

It is not limited to buy something for someone special. You must have some club membership or expensive television subscription. These are also included in unimportant purchasing. Try to avoid it though, it is a bit painful but you are going to receive a long term benefit. 

Do not ignore small expenses

If you are ignoring your small expenditure, then you are doing a big mistake. Little things can make a big difference. You have to consider all types of costs while you are making a big financial decision. It may be hard to detect them but with the time, you will acquire this habit. 

There are a few techniques through which you can identify your small cost:
  1. Follow the previous month: You can check last month's data. And analyse that where you had to spend money. It may be a coffee shop or buying such stationery products for your children. 
  2. Note down every expense: It may happen that you will not get success in the first month. In this, you can pen down all the basic costs somewhere. You can use a different application for that. BUT you have to take care of surprising expenditure that can ruin your financial stability. 
In this scenario, you can choose various methods but the loan may provide you instant help. You can look after bad credit loans and do best to get guaranteed approval from direct lenders in the UK like LondonLoanLender. The best part is that they may provide you the loan at affordable interest rates even with poor credit history. 

Time can help you 

This point is one of the major aspects of the latte factor. It shows the importance of time and timing. Suppose you save 1000 pounds in a year. Here, saving is not the priority but you should know how to make that money double. Now, the time factor plays an important role. 

You have to do a lot of research on finding that when and where you should invest money. And the most important part is “TIME”. It may happen that you will receive the benefit after a few months or several years.
The latte factor is not restricted to coffee. It plays an important role while making a financial or career decision. 

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