Back injuries are not uncommon in a workplace accident. As you know, human consist has a complex structure consisting of various bones, herniated disks, nerves and ligaments. Due to complex and close interaction between these components, back injuries can become severe and cause intense pain.

When you work in manual industries, where the employee does most of the work with their hands, they drag the heavy objects and lift the objects. Back injuries if not treated on time, can lead to severe consequences and can also reduce your motion. The severity of the injury also depends on the type of impact and cause of damage. Accidents might also occur due to the negligence and mistake of someone else. If unfortunately you are involved in an accident due to other’s error, you can claim compensation against the liable party. Personal injury solicitor can help to claim the bonus.

Common causes of back injuries

The common causes of back pain at the workplace are:

Repetition – work that needs a repetitive movement of backbone, such as twisting or rotating the spine to lift the objects
Force – moving or lifting the heavy objects can also exert massive force on the vertebrae.

Inactivity – Working for long hours in the same position, such as working in a sitting position in office for a long time can hurt your backbone.

Some common type of backbone injuries

The human backbone consists of 33 bones, tissues, nerves that extends from the pelvis to beck of the neck. Intervertebral disks work as a shock absorber between two vertebrae.

Cervical vertebrae – forms the upper part of the spinal cord
Thoracic vertebrae – 12 bones between the neck and the lower back are thoracic vertebrae
Lumbar vertebrae – largest and strongest vertebrae total 5 in numbers between the chest and hips
Scrum and coccyx – present at the base of the spine. The sacrum is made up of five vertebrae.

Significant causes of backbone injuries
There are various causes of workplace injuries that cause backbone. Furthermore, the severity might also change depending on impact and force.

Insufficient training

In some industries, every employee first gets training according to their work type. If the employer of a company hires you for maintenance purpose, they will train you for lifting the object, using proper maintenance equipment. Lack of training can cause severe injuries. Thousands of employees only in the UK get injuries due to insufficient training. It is also a responsibility of the employer to provide their staff or labour proper training. This will create a safe and risk-free environment.

Improper lifting training
Every person has its own technique to lift the objects. Lifting the object in the wrong manner can cause severe injury to vertebrae. This slip of vertebrae can make you disable. When an employee lifts the object wrongly, it can exert pressure on the back. The dislocation of the backbone or vertebrae can cause pain and can also reduce your movement.

Rushing and frustration

In some of the cases, people get injuries only due to meeting the requirements and deadlines. Meeting the deadlines can cause frustration for an employee. To meet these deadlines, the employee work in a hurry without concentrating on safety precautions. If an employee works in a proper manner and follows the safety techniques, he can reduce the risk of injuries.

What can you claim for?

The victim can cause claim compensation for suffering and injuries he gets due to an accident. The damages might include:

General damage – As shown by name, the damage you face due to back injury is calculated.

Travel expenses – Every fare you give for the cab or taxi or bus for the checkup or to visit the hospital is included here.

Care claim – In some brutal cases, in which the victim experiences paralysis or disability a caretaker is needed.

Hospital expenses – You can include every expense of hospital in compensation claim. In this, you can also include nursing expenses.

Medical expenses – Every cost of medical treatment after getting the injury will be included in a compensation claim.

Seek the solicitor’s advice

You can seek the help of the solicitor to claim the compensation against the liable party. The personal injury solicitor Burnley will also use the medical report as evidence to show in the solicitor’s court. He can also arrange meetings with an eyewitness to record their statements.

If you want to win a handsome amount of compensation, you should seek the help of a professional and experienced personal injury solicitor.

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