Do you know 75% of new businesses around the world fail each year? This may sound terrifying but this is the truth. Each year, people left their job to start their own business. Though, it is not a bad decision because you want to do pursue your dreams.

With this motivation, thousands of people try their luck and most of them have to face failure. There are so many reasons, some of them are:
  • No marketing
  • Not the right team
  • Pricing and cost issue
  • Poor marketing
  • Lose focus and lack of passion
You can see, running a business is not a cakewalk. You must have an effective team. The common reason that is found in a research is “LACK OF ONLINE DIGITAL MARKETING PRESENCE”. Most of the newly started business owners do not have any idea about internet marketing. 

Many of them still follow traditional ways to promote their products. But the current period is dedicated to technology. Without going online, you will never able to achieve your goal. Using traditional methods can lead you to additional cost. Let’s understand this by an example.

Suppose you have to reach your product to one thousand people. Now let’s compare the expenditure of traditional and online methods.

In traditional, you can promote your product through broadcast, newspaper, magazine and direct mail. Assume each of them costing is £100, it means the TOTAL COST is £400.

In online marketing, you can use search and social networking, which hardly cost you £100.

Internet digital marketing plays a huge role to stand your business as you can see from above mentioned practical example OR You can say “traditional marketing talks at people where digital marketing talks with them”

It is very important to consider the “digital business” if you are going to start a commercial life. Many budding entrepreneurs may not have any idea about what digital marketing is. Let’s learn more about it and understand how it can boost their business. 


Any promotion with the help of an electronic device is known as digital marketing. It is not something new. It enters our life when we touch the phone the first time. Sometimes people confuse that digital marketing is fully online-based. But there are several areas where you can perform offline.

It is a bit scary but according to data, mobile phone users are continuously increasing each year. And it makes online marketing a stronger way to promote the business. Without it, you will never be going to survive in this cut-throat competition.

Moreover, digital marketing is not a single technique. Under this, there are several categories that we have discussed in this blog. Read on!


Before we move further you have to remember one thing that every marketing strategy depends on the business you are running. It depends on you which one is profitable and practical for your audience.
  1. Search engine optimisation
  2. Social media marketing
  3. Content marketing
  4. Affiliate marketing
  5. Email marketing
SEO: This one is the key to reach your service to millions of people. Search Engine Optimisation is a process of growing online visibility on the search engines. User search for a particular keyword, there will be thousands of the results shown on search engine result pages (SERPs).

The result is based on the keywords, user’s location and browsing history. It means the higher your rank on search engine result pages, the more traffic you can generate. And you can sell your products around the world and boost your revenue.

Social media marketing:
You will be surprised to know that around 3 billion population is active on social media. There are more than ten social media platforms where you are free to promote your business. But there is one restriction that is the post should be genuine and free from copyrights.

The major benefit you will receive from the original content is that people will share your post. Sharing means free promotion. It converts into the chain that can increase your website traffic and can help to generate more revenue.

Content marketing: In this type of marketing, you have to upload some user-friendly post to your website. Such content should attract the users and that can lead them to your product. In this, you may need help from social media marketing and SEO Company experts. Without this, it is impossible to rank on Google.

Affiliate marketing: It is the easiest way to generate a good amount of money. In this all you have to sell the other companies’ products and if you can sell them, then you will receive a commission. There are several online websites Like Amazon that provides you the affiliate marketing.

The best way to sell the product is “PROVIDING REVIEW”. You can choose a product of a particular niche. Suppose you chose electronic gadgets, then you can write a balanced review on that. But that review should be left with a positive impact on the reader that makes him to buy eventually.

Email marketing: The total number of email users is around 2 billion. If you are running your website, then you must have subscribers. All you have to send them a mail regarding your new product OR any update.

In this way, they can read your content and boost the traffic rate. It is one of the most effective ways to generate traffic.

There are many offline digital marketing strategies too such as Radio marketing, television marketing, and phone marketing. But it may be costly as compared to online digital marketing. It would be better if you prefer online rather than offline.

You may need to hire some experts to perform these tasks. If you exhaust your savings and now running out of the cash, then you can opt for borrowing options. You can either use crowd-funding or loans. If you get fail to receive funds from the traditional way, then again online tool comes handy for you. You can approach online lenders in the UK that offer guaranteed loans for unemployed people, who are going to open as well as advertise their business.

You can use the money to hire experts and boost your business. Though, it may take time and everything depends on your patience level and faith.

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