India and the British go long back. There’s more than 200 years of sad history attached to both the countries. Miserable as the past is, it doesn’t matter now for India has moved on.
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Both the nations have not just moved on but also become great allies. Both, on an international level and at the stomach-level. And we are no politicians, we are just foodies, and that’s what we are going to talk about i.e., the latter part.

Indian food has found its way to the UK, and it’s every foodies dream to taste the authentic mix of some spicy & some sweet Indian food. For the people of the UK, these five restaurants might give you just that. Read on to find out the five finest restaurants you should visit for fantastic Indian food.

1. Tap & Tandoor

Ajay & Shivani Kenth, the hands behind this restaurant, knows their way around beers, cocktails, and especially Indian food.  The couple brings the essence of authentic Indian food in the form of small plates, mixed grills, and home-style curries. 

Tap & Tandoor on the Warwick Road of Solihull is their second venue after their first highly successful restaurant, Zindiya(of which you are going to read in a few seconds).

Though Tap & Tandoor is a new “Indian Gastropub”, it is an excellent and worth-eating-at place if you are into authentic & quality Indian cuisines.


Again, started by the couple Ajay & Shivani, Zindiya is a fantastic Indian restaurant at the heart of Moseley Village. 

With Indian street food paired with the same Indian inspired cocktails and beers, Zindiya is a fabulous and highly-regarded place for Indian eatery. As incredible as the food is, their design is too.  Zindiya is designed to look like a traditional street in Indian cities- colourful, distinctive and different to what we see over here.

Overall, “Zindiya”, extracted from “Zindagi” i.e. “life” and the couple’s daughter Diya, is an outstanding place to get the full-on Indian experience. 

3.Regal Spice

With short but adequately fitting most popular dishes, this Ruislip-based restaurant is another amazing restaurant to get authentic & elegant Indian cuisines. In Regal spice, each dish is freshly prepared with delicacy and subtlety with the right proportional blend of aromatic spices and herbs for a unique flavour and taste. 

In short, with 5 Star rating by the Environmental Health Authorities, Regal spice is a healthy & affordable Indian restaurant you would want to try.


Whether it's the playful banter of bright young things over hot samosas and cold beer, or the contagious happiness of intrepid foodies, Lasan has a vibe that's difficult to resist. Lasan offers a fantastically concise menu of Indian cuisines that teases the senses and stirs the soul, delivering the true essence of India in all its glory.

If you happen to be in Birmingham and even have an inch of feeling towards Indian food, don’t think twice and march to Lasan to give those taste buds some punch. 

The last in this list is not one restaurant but a chain of restaurants. Masala Zone is a collection of London's finest Indian restaurants – including the legendary Chutney Mary, Veeraswamy& Amaya. If you are in/at Covent Garden, Soho, Earls court, Islington, Bayswater, Camden, or Selfridges, chances are you are at proximity to one of Masala Zone restaurants.

Offering enjoyable, memorable dining experiences, delicious Indian cuisines, and exciting interiors & stylish hospitality, Masala Zone is a place you would love to visit especially if you are a foodie and an Indian cuisines lover.

Final Words:

With excellent flavours, a range of choices, medicinal properties, and availability in both Veg & Non-Veg dishes, Indian food has reached the hearts of individuals all over the world. And if you are in the UK part of the world craving for some spicy & delicious food, the above-listed were some of the restaurants for authentic Indian cuisines.

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